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They did a great job achieving a positive result utilising their skills and years of experience to track down and process the documentation.


January 2017

Process Documents.

Orion Investigations were used in a complex investigation where we required an analytical look at particular data that was captured in volume. The evidence collected by Orion was done in fast time owing to constraints we were presented with.The culmination of the work was extremely professional and impressive. We have no hesitation in recommending Orion to others and indeed using them again in the future.

John Rae, Nevas Consultants

January 2017

Investigative Ability.

Thank you very much indeed. I must say, I am frankly amazed that you have managed to do so excellent and thorough a job in so little time! I can confirm that, following our conference with (name deleted) today, he will be pleading guilty to the single charge on the Indictment. However, your attachments leave me in no doubt that this is the correct course of action for him.

Please rest assured that your details will be added to our expert register, and that you will be top of the list for all future similar work that I come across.

Criminal Defence Solicitor (UK)

April 2016

Court Investigation

I was in need of a professional private investigator, to investigate a personal matter, on fairly short notice.

Piecing together what little information we initially had, Orion were very thorough and worked closely with me to uncover new information and draw new, useful conclusions. Using Orion's findings and advice, I was able to make far more effective and informed decisions.

Orion are fast, responsive and thorough. I was impressed by their speed and diligence, and I would certainly recommend their services to anyone who needs a private investigator. Should I need a private investigator again in the future, Orion will be my first choice.

Criminal Defence Solicitor (UK)

January 2017

Professional and Highly Recommended Service.

I know old dogs such as yourself don’t look for a pat on the back, but I would like to say your statement of evidence was excellent. The meat just fell from the bone.

S.F. (Defence Barrister)

September 2015

Evidence at Westminster MC.

A friend in the police force recommended we get an investigator who was ex police. You demonstrated an understanding of the sensitivity of the situation; a feeling that you understood our concerns and were wanting to help. Liaison was by one person who had a complete handle on the case. Thank you very much for your excellent service

Mrs P.D. (Hampshire)

October 2015

Client feedback.

I have provided a report to go to the clients with the witness statement. I don’t think there is more we can do for them despite Martyn’s fabulous efforts and hard work. We never made any promises other that we would try to trace ******** and see what that witness had to say. Martyn has done brilliantly on both counts.

G.B. (Former UK Police Chief Superintendent)

April 2015

Investigation in support of Criminal Appeal.

I used Orion following an injury sustained on commercial premises. They conducted discreet checks of the venue and as a result I feel confident in pursuing a negligence claim. A full statement of the examination and accompanying reports were received into my email account within 48 hours. I can thoroughly recommend.

Mr K.J.R. (Sussex)

April 2015

5 Stars on from personal injury client.

Thank you very much for your report. This is very thorough and your investigation is honestly much more than what I expected. I thank you again for your excellent work and professionalism.

Mr J.A. (London)

February 2015

Investigation for client accused of assault.

After years of trying to trace my biological father and coming back with no leads, I sort [sic] the help of Orion. Martyn who dealt with my case was excellent and managed to track down my father quickly and efficiently despite me providing him with very little information. My only regret is I didn’t seek Orion’s help sooner.

Mrs V.M. (London)

March 2015

5 Star endorsement on

Helped with a tracing service. Really clear in all aspects, very quick to respond to requests and ultra-professional. An excellent service, delivered really quickly with great results. Very professional and no hesitation to recommend Martyn and Orion.


Very Professional Service – Thoroughly Recommend.

Trustpilot 5 Stars = November 2018.

Fantastic service and extremely helpful staff. I would recommend their services to anyone wishing to pursue an investigation. Extremely professional..


Fantastic Service with Great Results.

Trustpilot 5 Stars – April 2018.

After my initial enquiry, the response was very timely. Having explained my requirements to Martyn, he asked all the relevant questions and the result was swift, comprehensive and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again if the need arises. Many thanks for all your help.


Trustpilot 5 Stars – October 2017.

I found Orion Investigations to hold the very highest of ethics, to show careful consideration for me as their client, and in the manner the investigation was planned and executed. I also appreciated that Orion had a respectful attitude toward the target of the investigation, for which I had concern. In addition Orion took absolutely no unfair advantage of the situation to gain financially, and their rates are reasonable..

Andy J

Matrimonial Issue.

Trustpilot 5 Stars - February 2017.

Orion investigations gave me the information I required speedily. Great service, accurate information and dealt with in a professional manner. No hesitation in commending Orion for a discreet and professional service.


Courteous, Returned Calls -Delivered on task.

Trustpilot – January 2017 / – September 2018.