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Details of our Range of Services

Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited provide a wide range of investigative services. This list not exhaustive and we will be pleased to discuss your individual situation and requirements. Our investigations services represent excellent value for money. Please see the following list, which you can click on, to find out more…

Criminal Investigations

Individuals or companies may experience situations where they are the victim of criminal activity, but need corroborative evidence before engaging with law enforcement or they may not wish to make a formal complaint to the Police. We can provide the solution.

You may be the subject of a criminal allegation. We have experience of following-up on those witnesses that Police or other Law Enforcement officials have not interviewed, but who may hold vital evidence that proves your innocence.

We have experience of investigating historical crimes and convictions; examining evidence and identifying, tracing and interviewing new witnesses.

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Suspect Interview & Witness Statement Taking

Our investigators are nationally accredited and trained in cognitive interview techniques (PEACE). We can provide statement taking expertise to support corporate clients and individuals. For further explanation see:-

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Source Management

Our Source Handlers (also sometimes known by the term Informant Handlers) hold the highest UK “Level 3” law enforcement accreditation and have a wealth of practical experience recruiting and managing Covert Human Intelligence Sources in support of complex strategic/ tactical criminal and commercial investigations. We prepare risk assessment and devising risk management plans to reduce and control identified risks. We provide this service for corporate clients and for public bodies who do not have in-house expertise.

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Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

Forget everything you may have seen in films or TV. Surveillance is a highly skilled activity and must only be undertaken by those who know their business.

Our surveillance operatives have Serious Organised Crime Agency and National Crime Squad pedigree with the requisite training, national law enforcement accreditation and practical skills sets to operate in challenging urban and rural environments.

If required, we can deploy can a fully trained covert surveillance team or you may just require a one-person job. No job is too big or too small.

We invest in quality equipment to covertly obtain quality evidence.

We work closely with our clients to identify the most cost-effective and appropriate course of action. We provide our clients comprehensive surveillance reports and time stamped video and photographic evidence.

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Covert Vehicle Tracking

We have the expertise to fit and monitor covert tacking devices to vehicles and other assets at very competitive rates. Our equipment provides pinpoint accurate location information.

Maybe you are concerned an employee is making unauthorised private use of a company-owned vehicle or worried your partner may be conducting a clandestine relationship. It may even be a one-off journey that you know is going to take place, and you desperately need information.

Our cutting-edge professional GPS equipment provides locational information to within a few metres (continually updating to every five seconds, if required) and provides the exact route taken by a vehicle, plus the exact location and duration of stops. The equipment provides intelligence regarding vehicle movements, which if required can be turned into evidence by means of physical surveillance, providing the answers or evidence you need.

We can also use our GPS equipment to assist with “live time” surveillance. This is a cost effective means to ensure we never “lose” our target at red lights etc, and we can follow from a safe distance reducing the risk of compromising our team.

We recently assisted a client whose partner told them they were going to visit an old school friend in London for the weekend. We fitted a tracker to the vehicle prior to the intended journey and monitored remotely. The tracker confirmed the vehicle had not gone to London. We deployed surveillance operatives who were able to obtain evidence the client required to confirm their partner making a clandestine meeting.

Vehicle trackers are available to purchase online, but they vary in quality. You could simply buy one and fit it to the target vehicle yourself and monitor movement, but do you know for certain where on the vehicle to fit the device so it is secure, covert and provides a consistent GPS signal, and would you be able to fit it at a time, location and manner that doesn’t compromise you? Remember, sometime later you will have to recover it again, safely. What if the target vehicle goes into a garage for a service and the mechanic finds the tracker because it was not effectively concealed? Imagine the potential consequences and damage to your reputation or your relationship.

Our operatives are trained and experienced ex-law enforcement professionals. We used to fit trackers to vehicles belonging to sophisticated criminals who carefully search for these things! When we fit a device, you can be sure it won’t be found if the vehicle goes for a scheduled MOT or service, and you can be certain the subject isn’t going to find it one morning on their driveway because it wasn’t fitted correctly, and it has dropped off!

Talk to us for a no-obligation price.

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Covert Investigations

We provide a variety of specialised investigations techniques that will secure evidence/ intelligence. We have access to male and female professional undercover operatives with the skills to build relationships and secure evidence which would otherwise be unattainable, usually corroborated with covert voice/ video recordings.

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Due Diligence & Vetting

We have the experience and knowhow to undertake detailed Background Checks and Due Diligence investigations.

These checks are essential for:-

  • Employers wanting more information about job candidates.
  • Homeowners renting properties.
  • Individuals considering new business partners.
  • Those wanting to know more about their partner before committing to a relationship.

We will conduct comprehensive background checks to confirm whether your job candidate or your prospective business partner or the guy you are considering renting your home out to is bone fide. If the client requires, we will also endeavour to speak personally with the candidate’s former employers, work colleagues and associates to enable informed decisions to be made. We have contact with trusted professional associates around the world who conduct background enquiries locally on our behalf.

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Trace & Locate - Missing Persons and Debtors.

We have the resources and skills to locate the individual who owes you money or to reunite you with the old school friend or family member you have lost touch with.

We have an excellent success rate in locating individuals when other methods/ agencies have failed.

Our research tools and techniques enable us to locate individuals, often within 24 hours of receiving the assignment.

If required, we will corroborate our desk-top research with a physical visit to the address identified, providing photographic evidence of the individual to verify they live there.

We have trusted partners throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA who can make local enquiries and provide video/stills evidence.

Our rates are very competitive. Give us a call.

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Partner Infidelity & Divorce Proceedings

Do you suspect your partner may be cheating?

Do you want re-assurance about your partner’s faithfulness before you commit to a long-term relationship?

Do you want to know the truth?

We have the skills to discreetly and confidentially observe and report on your partner’s activities and provide the evidence to confirm your suspicions or provide peace of mind to allay your concerns. If necessary, we will provide full reports and provide witness evidence for Court.

Please note: we do not hack into or bug phones or other devices, nor do we obtain mobile phone printouts. This activity is strictly illegal in the UK, unless authorised by Law. If you find a private investigator who says they can, and you instruct them to do so, you may wind up in prison.

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Employee Crime

Investigation of Employee Absenteeism

How much is unauthorised long-term absenteeism costing your company?

How much additional pressure is this placing on others at the company who are having to cover additional workload because a member of your staff is regularly absent with lame excuses?

You probably have a very good idea this person is perfectly fit to be at work, but just don’t have the evidence to take effective action.

Note: it is not illegal for employers to engage private investigators to place individuals under surveillance who are suspected of fraudulent absenteeism, but before coming to us, you will have exhausted reasonable less intrusive solutions.

We can provide time/date stamped video evidence of the individual undertaking activities which demonstrate they are fit to work, such as playing golf or returning through Heathrow with their skiing equipment, when they are allegedly off sick with a bad back. We even followed a guy to his holiday home and obtained video of him retiling his roof and running up and down ladders when he was allegedly unable to walk without the aid of a stick.

Employee/ Workplace Crimes

Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited are regularly engaged by commercial organisations to investigate theft and fraud by employees, particularly in the current climate where Police budget cuts and financial pressures on limited investigative resources mean the Police have minimal resources to investigate fraud and theft in the workplace. As time served former specialist Police detectives, we identify the offenders and provide the evidence you require, either to present the evidence to the Police as a “gift-wrapped” job complete with statements and professionally presented evidence, or evidence for you to deal with the matter appropriately using your company HR discipline procedures and remove rotten apples from your organisation.

We worked with a company suffering crippling stock losses. Our investigators studied all aspects of the operation and quickly identified how security could be improved. We identified the offenders and facilitated a complete CCTV system upgrade, reducing the opportunities to commit crime.

On another occasion, a company was suffering major theft of valuable stock during the night. We set up a surveillance operation which quickly identified the methodology and the ring leaders, enabling the company to take effective action.

Unfaithful Employees

Can you be certain your employees are totally trustworthy?

We investigate mileage and hours worked fraud.

Are your employees where they claim to be?

Were they actually working on that job at the weekend or for the number of hours they claimed? Are your employees holding clandestine meetings with your competitors?

Are they using your materials, vehicles to undertake private work?

Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited will provide you with answers and solutions to empower you to protect your business

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Insurance & Accident Claims

We are pleased to undertake covert surveillance investigations on behalf of Insurers, Lawyers and companies who instruct us to obtain evidence to support their case and negate bogus claims.

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Test Purchase & Mystery Shopping

We have experts with criminal and commercial test purchase skills. We can provide bespoke solutions with full chain of custody.

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Legal Services - Services for Solicitors

The Orion team are all expert former police detectives and specialists.

The same expertise, experience and knowledge gained investigating serious criminality is now used to work for those we believe may have been unfairly accused or convicted.

If the investigation warrants, we will take on assignments anywhere in the UK.

We have excellent links to professional investigators in mainland Europe, the US and in many countries around the World.

Over the past four years Orion has forged partnerships with other specialists. We can provide expertise in all aspects of criminal investigation including:-

  • Accredited Senior Investigating Officers
  • Accredited Advance Interview trainers and practitioners
  • Accredited safeguarding specialists
  • Accredited Level 3 CHIS handlers
  • Specialist Fraud investigators
  • Scene Investigators and photographers
  • Exhibits specialists
  • Surveillance specialists
  • Open Source Research experts
  • Statement takers – We have the expertise gained by 30 years of experience in taking statements in respect of serious criminal offences such as Murder, Rape and Robbery. QC commenting on the quality of our Section 9 statement made in support of an individual he was defending, “The evidence fell like meat from the bone”.
  • Use of Force – We have a former Specialist Police Trainer in Unarmed Defence Techniques who provides “expert witness” evidence at Court. * For those roles where we don’t have in-house expertise, we have a wealth of professional contacts and we are confident we can identify the individual with the expertise you require.

We have worked on numerous investigations, where our investigation skills and knowledge of procedures and disclosure rules has caused prosecutions to be discontinued because the evidence is unsafe, or we have identified new evidence missed/overlooked or ignored by police or because our tenacious scrutiny of detail has identified serious procedural errors.

We have also had considerable success working on Appeals of convicted individuals. Our work directly contributed to one-high profile case being referred to the CCRB, a subsequent re-trial and a Not Guilty verdict.

We can also provide document service countrywide through our network of trusted process servers.

Lawyers please note: If a job you wish us to act on is funded by way of “Legal Aid” it is essential this is made clear from the outset when you instruct us.

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Open Source Research

We are highly proficient at using open source data to build the intelligence picture, whether it concerns individuals, groups or companies. We also have highly skilled analysts with law enforcement and commercial experience and skills to build bespoke, detailed profiles.

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Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence can be defined as “managing risk before risk manages you”. Orion investigations and Intelligence Ltd have expertise gather intelligence which will reduce your business risks.

When hiring a new employee, entering into a new business venture or forging new partnerships you need to know as much as possible about the people you are hiring or going into business with. We are able to gather intelligence from a variety of publicly available sources supported with good old fashioned meeting and talking with people to build the profile of the company or the person.

  • Background checks on individuals.
  • Company Profiling.
  • Employee research for prospective employers.
  • Competitive intelligence gathering.

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Hostile Threat Analysis

We can provide detailed analysis to demonstrate what others are able to find out about you and your family from your online digital “footprint”.

We will conduct a full investigation as if we were an adversary trying to find out as much as we can about your privacy, and will provide you with a report highlighting how vulnerable you are as a result of the information available online.

We will also recommend steps you can take to “lock down” the private information you may be unaware is currently available to all.

Using this service as highly likely to reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of blackmail or stalking.

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