Why should I entrust Orion Investigations & Intelligence Ltd with my business?

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Orion Investigations

Our history and ethos

Since 2014, Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited has provided a comprehensive range of investigative services for Commercial Business, the Legal Profession, Public Authorities and for Individuals. We are a family business, based in Brighton & Hove, Sussex. We mainly cover London and the South East, but we will undertake assignments anywhere in the UK.

We are fully committed to providing best in class service, which is ethical, confidential and represents excellent value. Our goal is to exceed client expectation, and for you to be delighted with the quality of our work, our customer care and our integrity.

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team comprises experienced former Detectives with extensive covert UK Law Enforcement backgrounds with the skills, knowledge, and experience to conduct detailed and comprehensive investigations. We apply the same high level of expertise, tenacity and attention to detail required when we were securing convictions of top echelon criminals to every case today.

We focus on the requirements of our client, providing practical advice and guidance on the best tactics and methodology to investigate the issues, at the same time providing great value. Time and again Clients tell us that they had previously hired another Private Investigator, but were disappointed with the service provided, and often about how much they had been charged for very basic, shoddy work. Clients are invariably pleasantly surprised when we tell them what we will provide, usually for a lot less money.

Customer care in changing times

At Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited, we work on the principal that everybody deserves best in class service, at a fair price. We want all our customers to be delighted and to recommend Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited to others. Indeed, much of our work is generated by word-of-mouth recommendation. If we assess that a potential client has no realistic prospect of getting justice or resolving an issue, we will say so, even when that means potentially losing business.

Police numbers across the UK have been cut by thousands and resources are stretched to the point where crimes such as Fraud and employees in the workplace are not investigated. The police rationale for not investigating is often that these crimes do not cause “community harm” and therefore are not considered a priority, even though the financial loss to the victim, be it a business or an individual, may be considerable.

In our experience, the Police are instructing businesses to collate all the available evidence themselves and provide an evidential package for the Police to assess. Businesses and individuals have engaged Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited to conduct the investigation from scratch, either to provide sufficient grounds to dismiss the individual for gross misconduct, or in more serious cases, provide sufficient evidence to justify a criminal prosecution.

We will undertake the investigation and provide a complete evidential package for the Police, which the Police and Crown Prosecution Service cannot ignore because the evidence is professionally obtained and meticulously presented by experience and skilled former Detectives.

Experience really does count

As seasoned former Police Detectives, the Team at Orion Investigations & Intelligence Ltd are well-versed in the cut and thrust of giving evidence on oath in the criminal courts. We will attend Court or a Tribunal to present evidence in support of clients.

Many Private Investigators have no courtroom experience, and could prove a liability in the witness box, which may result in a good case being lost through not engaging competent, experienced Professional Investigators.
– Martyn Meekums, Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited

The Private Investigations industry generally has a poor reputation in the UK. Because there is no official UK licensing or other scrutiny, rogues are able to operate with no regard for the Law. Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited will only conduct activities which are lawful in the UK. If you are looking for a Private Investigator who is prepared to undertake illegal activities, we will decline to help.

A track record of excellence

Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited is dedicated to building a gold-standard reputation for trust, integrity, professionalism, and reliability. We are rated “Excellent” for Customer Service on Trustpilot. Our genuine 5-Star Trustpilot ratings from delighted customers can be viewed at:


Our website portal can be found at orioninvestigations.co.uk where you can find out more about the services we provide.

Even if you don’t see the service you need on the website, call us. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements, without obligation.

We can be contacted at enquiries@orioninvestigations.co.uk, or call Martyn on 01273 921617.

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