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Reasons for background checks

There are too many different reasons to list why individuals and organizations task Orion Investigations & Intelligence Ltd to make Background Checks and conduct Trace & Locate enquiries. Discretion and Client confidentiality is always paramount for us, but before we commence any investigation we will want establish the Client’s motive for requiring information and confirm what they intend to do with the information we provide. We will not conduct enquiries unless the Client is able to provide good reason. We ask appropriate questions to confirm Client identity and expect to see documentary proof. We do not work for Clients unless we are satisfied the Client and their intentions are genuine.

Why are we so careful about satisfying ourselves that the client is genuine and the rationale for wanting us to conduct activity is bona fide? You easily can find the answers online – occasions when, for example, a private investigator has been hired by somebody who wished to know more about a cheating partner or wanted to locate their estranged wife etc. The investigator provided information in good faith, but the Client later used that information to cause harm to the subject.

We would rather walk away from an assignment and not have the business than risk putting an innocent person in danger by providing information to a Client in circumstances where we assess the information we are being asked to provide is likely be used to cause the subject harm.

Obtaining information

We obtain information through what is referred to as “open source” research. This is basically trawling information available on the internet, but we also have access to several subscription data bases. These data bases hold consensual information about all of us and may include details such as current and former addresses and phone numbers. Often Clients are seeking an address verification, However, there is usually a significant delay between somebody moving to a new address and leaving a footprint which can be identified through open source research. So if a person moves around a lot, only spending short periods in any location and stays off official registers, he/she will be considerably more difficult to locate through these means alone. It may be necessary to make additional enquiries such as contacting current occupiers or neighbours at former addresses, either by phone or by physically visiting the address. It all boils down to how much the client is prepared to spend to achieve their objective.

If the investigation warrants, for example when assigned to prepare the character profile of a potential employee or business partner, we may conduct deep web searches to identify information that is beyond the reach of conventional search engines. We are also able to conduct social network analysis and examine relationships between individuals. These activities are highly specialized so we use trusted experts to assist, but we do not share our Clients’ details if we engage third parties.

There are occasions when it is not possible to find somebody through the methods described. We can only find information if it is available to us. If open source data bases don’t hold the information and physical enquiries don’t provide leads the investigator hits a dead end. Even Law Enforcement Agencies with all the government data bases they can interrogate sometimes find it impossible to track down fugitives on the run or to locate witnesses.

Criminal records

Be aware, In the UK it is not possible for private investigator to legally access criminal records. If an investigator tells you they can access UK criminal records, they are either lying or they are accessing the information through unlawful means. You have been warned because be being party to obtaining information regarding criminal convictions from the PNC or other Law Enforcement sources, you commit serious criminal offences. Additionally, it is not possible to conduct a DBS check (formerly known as a CRB check) on a subject without the individual’s signed consent.

Other countries have less stringent regulations about access to criminal convictions so we may be able to provide the criminal history for certain foreign nationals. We have associates around the World who can obtain information about Subjects who live abroad or who have a history abroad. The degree of information available varies widely according to local privacy laws.

Example Background Check

Attached is an example to illustrate the Background Check research detail you can expect Orion Investigations & Intelligence Ltd to provide. The research analysis can be tailored according to Client requirements from Level 1 (low level) to Level 3 (identify everything available through open sources). This is an example of our Level 2 product.

Click on the PDF button below to view our background check example:-

Download JAMES BOND Example.pdf

Turnaround times will depend on our capacity and how urgent it is for the Client to know the information, but we will always do our very best to deliver the best quality product within a specified deadline.

We are always very pleased to discuss your requirements and undertake assignments for organizations and individuals.

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