Examples of Background Checks and Trace Enquiries

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There are many reasons why Businesses, Lawyers and Private Individuals task Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited to conduct Background Checks and to undertake Trace and Locate searches.

  • Debt Recovery.
  • Tracing Will beneficiaries.
  • Tracing Witnesses.
  • Locating Tenants.
  • Finding lost relatives or re-uniting with old friends.
  • Background checks when considering business ventures or hiring employees.
  • Checking on activities of employees breaking the law or breaching company policies.
  • Confirming the bona fide of partners when considering entering into relationships.

Here are few examples of the type of Background Checks and Trace & Locate enquiries Orion Investigations and Intelligence Limited have undertaken recently. The examples are all based on genuine cases, but names and details have been changed to protect identities of our Clients and the Subjects.

Case No. 1 – The Concerned Father #1

George has a daughter, who we will call Mary who has a fiancée who we will call Peter.

Peter is a foreign national. He has been residing and working in the UK for several years. Peter presented as the perfect gentleman with a good job and excellent husband material.

Mary and Peter were making wedding plans, but Peter had not planned to invite any of his family from home or any friends. This triggered alarm bells for George who was concerned Peter may have something to hide about his family background and about his life in the UK before he met Mary.

George needed to know whether this fellow was indeed Peter Perfect or whether George should be concerned for his daughter’s future happiness. George asked us to find out everything we could about Peter’s life before he met Jane, including his family history, jobs, relationships and confirm details of UK property he spoke about formerly owning. George was most concerned Mary should have no inkling he had initiated the background checks.

George was able to provide useful information about Peter, including many checkable facts. This helped us to confirm Peter’s life and his work history in his home country and the UK. On this occasion we were pleased to able to reassure George that Peter’s past checked out.

Case No. 2 – The Debtor Skip Trace to the US

We were asked to trace an individual who owed money in the UK, but was believed to have moved to the United States where he had identified business interests. We liaised with an excellent US investigator with whom we enjoy a close working relationship. He arranged for a local licensed PI to conduct surveillance on the business premises where the subject was believed to have association. Within 3 days of receiving the assignment we were able to provide our Clients with a detailed report, including time and date stamped photos confirming the individual still had interest in the business plus evidence of him entering/leaving a residential property, which our investigations established he owned. This enabled the Clients to have legal papers served on the individual, which we also assisted them with.

Case No. 3 – I want to know who my rival is

A female client knew her husband had been having an affair. He had assured the Client the affair was over. Although she accepted him at his word, she wanted to us to provide everything we could find from publicly available sources about her rival. We provided the details she required, including address details, business interests, phone numbers and partner details so she had everything ready to hand if her husband should be unwise enough to resume the affair. This was one of those occasions where we were ultra-cautious about establishing the Client’s true motive and intentions before agreeing to accept the assignment.

Case No. 4 – The Concerned Father #2

A Client came to us concerned his daughter had started seeing a new boyfriend who was several years older than her. The boyfriend claimed on his social media to be a professional with an excellent job, but the Client wanted to know more about him. We were able to confirm the boyfriend came from a very respectable family and that his parents were upstanding members of their Community. However, we identified the claims made by the boyfriend concerning his profession were pure fiction. We reported our findings to the Client.

Case No. 5 – Tracing Client for Lawyers

Lawyers were engaged to act on behalf of a member of the emergency services who had been involved in an accident at work. However, their Client had recently changed jobs, moved away from their last known address and changed phone number, leaving the lawyers with no means of contact.

The Lawyers requested Orion make enquiries to locate their Client. There is always a delay in publicly available information being findable through open source research. On this occasion, there were no publicly available records or clues on social media accounts to identify where this person had moved to. However, we widened our search and identified addresses and phone numbers for the parents and a brother, which enabled the Solicitor to re-establish contact through the family.

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