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Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited provides expert professional, ethical and confidential investigations and security solutions for private individuals, commercial organisations, the legal profession and public authorities.

Our aim is to continually deliver excellent results, provide outstanding value, exceed expectation, and to protect your reputation.

Quality is never an accident. It is the direct result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution.
– Aristotle

Who are Orion Investigations & Intelligence Ltd?

  • We are former UK Police Detectives and Specialists who have the requisite expertise, training and hands-on experience working in specialist roles on complex major investigations.
  • We apply the skills and expertise we gained investigating serious criminal activity and fighting organised crime to benefit our clients.
  • We are based in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. We primarily cover South East England (London, East and West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire), but we accept assignments throughout the UK and internationally.
  • If investigations require additional expertise we only use trusted colleagues with similar law enforcement backgrounds and accreditation to ensure our clients receive the best professional service.
  • All Investigators employed for Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited have clean criminal records and hold current Disclosure Certificates issued in accordance with Section 112 of the Police Act 1997.
  • We hold £1m indemnity and public liability insurance. Some private investigators operate without proper insurance, potentially putting Clients at considerable risk.
  • We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. We maintain records and retain personal information in accordance with the standards required by the ICO.


Our Investigators and every associate we engage to support our investigations is a qualified former Police detective or specialist, holding recognised UK Law Enforcement accreditations.

Our Investigators passed the intensive 10 week CID course and are conversant with UK criminal law and procedures and passed the rigorous Police surveillance course as a pre-requisite to serving with the National Crime Squad (former iteration of the National Crime Agency) and other specialist police surveillance teams.

Why Employ Orion Investigations & Intelligence Ltd?

Would you trust a Private Investigator who isn’t a qualified Detective to undertake your investigation?

Our investigative skills were honed as career Detectives in UK Law Enforcement.

In addition to holding the requisite UK Law Enforcement Detective and Surveillance accreditations to become Police investigators, we also hold UK Industry Qualifications:

  • IQ Level 3 Private Investigation
  • IQ Level 3 Open Source Research

The purpose of these nationally recognised qualifications is to ensure those operating as Investigators in the private sector are conversent with current legislation and best practice. However, these qualifications are not currently mandatory. Many Private Investigators operate in the UK without any formal recognised qualification.

If you are considering engaging a Private Investigator – be certain your selected Investigator holds the requisite qualifications and can demonstrate he/she has the right skills and experience.

Orion Investigations & Intelligence Ltd complies with British Standard BS101200 – the Code of Practice for the provision of Investigatory Services, which is designed to ensure those hiring the services of Private Investigators are protected against unscrupulous activity.

The link below will take you to the relevant website for more information:

We also operate in accordance with our own Code of Ethics which may be downloaded from our site.

We do not undertake illegal activity

We will not break the Law to obtain evidence or information. Our activities may on occasion be audacious, but we always work within UK Law. We will never risk damaging our professional reputation.

Our default position is every activity we undertake is likely to be subject of legal proceedings where we may be examined by a Court or Tribunal.

Whether we are investigating a partner infidelity case, tracing or interviewing witnesses on behalf of lawyers, supporting a business regarding an employee issue or conducting surveillance, we always consider how we will explain our decisions and actions if later required to give evidence.

Private Investigators conducting covert activities are not bound by the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 2000 (PACE) unless conducting investigations on behalf of organisations that are required to comply with Act. However, all covert activity undertaken by Orion Investigations Limited, regardless of Client status, adheres to the spirit of PACE and associated Codes of Practice.

What to expect when you first contact us

Your initial call may go direct to voicemail. You only need to leave your name and contact number. Alternatively, you can email us via the enquiry form on our contact page.

We answer all voicemail and email enquiries as soon as possible – the same day or first thing the following morning if messages are left overnight, including weekends.

Initial telephone consultation is free.

We will only commence investigations after speaking with the client. We are unable to take instructions exclusively via email.

It is essential you have confidence to trust us and we must trust you. Be prepared to be asked questions to confirm truthfulness and credibility. We will not provide assistance if we doubt a client’s motives or honesty.


Your problem may be a sensitive personal or professional issue and you may be uncomfortable about disclosing details. Be assured, we treat everything we are told as confidential. However, we always act in accordance with UK Law and we will always tell the truth if required to give evidence on Oath in Court or at a Tribunal.

We take our obligation to protect personal information seriously, which is why Orion Investigations & Intelligence Limited is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We will never divulge details of your professional or private life, unless you disclose involvement in serious criminal activity.

We may ask you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, also known as a Confidentiality Agreement. This protects both parties.

Conduct of the Investigation

Before we commence investigation we will need to confirm your identity. Do not request us to work for you if you are not prepared to provide proof of ID.

We will prepare an Investigation Plan and confirm your agreement. If the investigation is likely to be lengthy we can provide weekly progress reports.

We will agree the need for each investigative activity with you in advance so there are no financial surprises. We will suggest options to progress the investigation, but you have the final say.

At the end of the investigation we will provide a detailed report together with witness statements, together with time/date stamped photographs and video evidence if appropriate.

Our Investigators will provide evidence for Courts and Tribunals. They have the commensurate Court presentation skills, experience and credibility gained presenting evidence at criminal trials.

Some clients would rather not know the truth or would prefer us to spin a version of the truth that advances or supports their own situation.…. we only report the truth.

You can provide more about our range of services via the link at the foot of this page.


We are committed to providing best value. Our rates are very competitive and our testimonials demonstrate how our service and commitment often exceeds client expectation. See our Testimonials at the foot of our home page.

We may require a financial retainer before commencing work, depending on the type of investigation and the number of hours the investigation is likely to take. If the investigation is likely to be protracted, we may agree a daily rate. Costs also depend on the number and type of specialist resources we have to engage to complete a particular Task.

We prepare a transparent breakdown of hours worked to support invoices.

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